Office within Balance Health + Wellness: 773-472-0560

What to Expect

What can you expect when working with me?

  • Comprehensive, individualized care
  • Time to listen and understand your concerns
  • Prompt response to your questions
  • Excellent results!

What do I expect of my patients?

  • Dedication to making changes
  • Willingness to learn about and understand your health concern
  • Ongoing communication to best help me, help you!

My goal is to, “find the why” for your health concerns, the “root cause,” and correct underlying imbalances. Below is a little bit about what to expect when working with me:

  • Initial visit: This is where I get to know you! I will ask questions related to your current set of concerns, past medical history, diet, lifestyle and mental emotional health. We will decide if any laboratory testing is necessary.
  • Initial recommendations: During our first visit, I will compile a list of initial recommendations based on your concerns and health priorities. These recommendations serve as a starting point in my root cause analysis.
  • First Follow Up: At your first follow up, we will go through your labs, together, taking time to explain what each result means and how it may possibly relate to your health and concerns. We will also review your progress to date. Your first round of follow up recommendations will be presented.
  • Plan Maintenance Phase: After your first follow up, we will determine what follow up interval is right for you. I am a very results oriented person and I expect you to see results! Based on my practice experience, I have several go-to tools that often help me formulate my first set of recommendations. I respect the individuality and uniqueness of each person and realize that my recommendations may take modification. Good thing I have MANY tools in my tool belt to assist you! We may follow up more frequently at first until we are at a point where we agree that you are on the right track!
  • Ongoing Care: After we have your immediate concerns addressed, it will be important to check in periodically. We may also wish to re-check certain laboratory parameters.
  • Accessibility: I am available during my normal office hours to take calls. Please refer to telephone and email guidelines found on my fee schedule.
  • Support: If there is something we missed, a new concern arises or circumstances change—let me know! I am here to support you!