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Bone broths are becoming a popular drink! It is especially great for those with digestive concerns (like food allergies) or inflammatory conditions (like arthritis or acute cold/flu).  Some of the benefits of bone broth include:

  • Good source of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus therefore good for bones (kids, osteoporosis/osteopenia/healing bones)
  • Contains collagen that is supportive to skin, joints, hair, and nails
  • Can support digestive health with the gelatin in the broth, leading to decreased inflammation and repair of the cells that line the digestive tract (IBD- Crohns Colitis, IBS)

Mineral-Rich Bone Broth

Yield: Approximately 14 servings


4 quarts of filtered water

1.5- 2 lbs of beef knuckle bones or marrow bones (or any other kinds of bones – especially oxtail, which lends added gelatin and a delicious flavor). Chicken turkey or necks are inexpensive and also work great. You can get these by asking for them at the butchers counter.

Cloves from 1 whole head of fresh garlic, peeled & smashed

2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar (organic, unfiltered- I like Bragg’s brand)

1Tsp unrefined sea salt – or more/less to taste (I like Celtic Sea Salt)


If you choose, you may brown or roast the bones in a separate pan/pot. If  you are using a crockpot, but this isn’t a necessary step. I usually just use leftover bones from a whole roasted chicken or a bone-in steak. If you don’t have enough bones for a batch, save the bones in a plastic bag in the freezer until you have accumulated enough to make the broth.

Place all ingredients in a 6 quart pot and set the heat to HIGH. Bring the stock to a boil, then reduce the heat setting to LOW. Allow the stock to cook for a minimum of 8 hours and up to 24 hours. The longer it cooks, the better!

(I really prefer the crockpot for this reason– set it and forget it!)

Turn off the pot or  crockpot and allow the stock to cool.

Strain the stock through a fine mesh metal strainer to remove large pieces. Discard bones, herbs, spices or veggies you used to cook with. Place the stock into glass or metal bowls and allow to cool completely in the fridge. After it cools, determine how much to leave in the fridge and how much to freeze. Store in the fridge in glass canning jars. I like to freeze in quart size bags and ice cube trays so I can have various quantities on hand.

You can drink stock any time of day, before or after meals, or use it as the base for soups and stews!

Perfect in any recipe that calls for broth. Keep in mind it will make your soup or stew thicker than using commercial pre-prepared broths.



Use any other kind of animal bones you like – chicken, in fact, will take less time due to the smaller pieces.

Add chopped veggies like carrots, celery and onions for more flavor or variety.

Add ginger for warming spiciness!

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