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Fees and Policies

Since Illinois does not have a scope of practice for naturopathic medicine (See Licensing and Education), we cannot accept insurance as a form of payment.  Visit fees are due at the time of service and applied in 15-minute increments. We can provide a form for you to self submit to your insurer, Health Savings Account (HSA), or Flexible Spending Acccount (FSA) upon request. 

  • Initial (New Patient) One Hour Consultation, $65 per 15 minutes: $260
  • Follow Up Visits (Established Patients), $55 per 15 minutes:
    • up to 15 minute: $55
    • 15-30 minutes: $110
    • 30-45 minutes: $165
    • 45-60 minutes: $220
  • Laboratory testing:
    • Standard blood testing: Insurance may be utilized in most cases
    • Specialty testing: varies per the test. Insurance  may also be an option, depending on the test
  • RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) Testing: $95

Email is designed to ask simple, straightforward questions. If your email is lengthy, consider calling instead and make an appointment. I do not charge for simple, straightforward questions.

Payment plans available for visits, testing and/or supplements. Please discuss at your initial visit if you desire payment plan options.

Note that all testing and consultation is done to assist in creating a plan to increase wellness. No medical diagnosis is made. Please seek care from an Illinois licensed physician for a medical diagnosis. See Licensing and Education for more information.