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I was suffering from joint pain, lethargic, GERD symptoms, and hot flashes. Not feeling well with no energy. I saw a post that Dr. Simms was going to be at the Kankakee Natural Food Store and was curious as to how she could help me. So I made an appointment to see her. After being saliva tested I found out that I was gluten sensitive, high estrogen level, and no cortisol in the mornings. Following Dr. Simms advice my joint pain is minimal, hot flashes have greatly decreased and the energy level is so much better. My thinking is more clear and I have the desire to do my work around home and even more!!! I love how I feel now. Haven’t felt this good is several years. I thank God for Dr. Simms and what she has done for me. I am VERY satisfied!! It has been an awesome experience of using a natural path to treat my ailments rather than taking medications. That is a goal that I was looking for.

Type II diabetes with fasting blood sugar measurement in the 250 area. Primary doctor wanted me to go on metformin and I did not want to go on this drug. I wanted to treat this issue naturally. Fasting blood sugar measurement is now between 96 to 112. This is due to the combination of natural supplements recommended by Dr. Kelly Simms. Significant improvements were made in the 1st 3 weeks of following Dr. Simms supplement protocol. The blood sugar levels were down to the 110 to 120 range within 3 months from the initial visit. The 1st visit was very informative with Dr. Simms taking the time to get to understand the health issue, the supplements I was taking and health behaviors. Supplement recommendation were then presented along with a new supplement to add and diet/exercise changes needed. The 2nd visit leveraged the progress from the 1st visit with Dr. Simms taking the time to review additional test results. The session felt more like a partnership with the goal of understanding and improving personal health goals. I have been interested in naturopathic medicine for a long time. I have subscribed to various newsletters and followed recommendations. However I was never able to measure results or get confirmation regarding supplement protocols.
Dr. Kelly Simms has provided support in my efforts to use natural supplements to restore balance in my health. The analysis and optimization of the supplements I was taking plus the addition of one other supplement to regain control of the blood sugar was fantastic !! This has given me hope that I will be able to take on the other health issues using natural healing and in time be successful.
Traditional MD community can have a very strong, negative response to the use of a Naturopathic Doctor for treating health issues. My primary MD became so upset with the success that I had with the blood sugar management from Dr. Simms that he refused to be my doctor. I believe there is a place for both approaches to medical health. The key is to find MD and ND practitioners that will coordinate tests and treatment to achieve optimized health.
I feel fortunate to find Dr. Kelly Simms ND for this holistic effort.
– Rick

Before I found Dr. Simms I was desperate, not sure I could hold down my job. My mothers and friends advice prompted my first visit. I am 110% happy, amazing turn around. I was shocked how much better I felt and everyone noticed a huge difference in me after only a few weeks. I know for a fact this was the only answer to my problems, the regular doctors were accepting my post Menopausal condition as just something that happens and acceptable. I felt like I was on the way out of life… I now feel energized and back on track, better than ever! Dr Simms saved the day!
– Camilla

I was pretty sluggish and not getting any better. I was self-prescribing based on some limited tests I received and I was seeing limited improvement. I have been seeing acupuncturists for years with some success, but the herbs they gave me did little or nothing (or even had negative effects). I realized I needed some testing to see where I stood. I did a ton of research on the web (search, yelp), plus talked to friends. Then I set up a consultative interview with Dr. Simms. Her approach meshed with mine – she is a big believer in testing to determine next steps and has the same nutritional approach that I have. The good yelp reviews didn’t hurt :) It hasn’t even been a week since I received my test results and devised a plan with Dr. Simms and I’m already feeling much better. I was very surprised at the results of the tests and Dr. Simms recommendations, though they do make sense. I’m very excited that I now have a plan of action and can start working towards real improvement. That is really priceless.
Honestly, there is nothing that can be improved at this point. I’m just super excited to have a doctor that is willing to test me for things even though, by all accounts, I appear healthy. The tests Dr. Simms ordered did show some anomalies, so I feel vindicated in that regard. She’s a wonderful listener and seems very knowledgeable. One thing I really appreciated was that she referred me to an allopathic doctor for some more extensive testing. I like that because she’s recognizes that some areas require greater expertise than she might have. It makes me trust her even more. I’m so happy I found Dr. Simms. I’ve been looking for someone like her for quite some time. I tried an ND about 12 years ago and wasn’t happy with him, so it was a big deal for me to try again with Dr. Simms.
– Kelly

I decided to see Dr. Simms because of vague issues that were not improving, such as feeling tired, low energy, sinus and cough issues. I was prompted to see Dr. Simms because nutritional medicine has always been helpful for me and felt I needed to look further than conventional medicine for the symptoms I was having. After searching on the internet for a Naturopathic doctor, I came across Dr. Simms who seemed like the perfect person to see. She is professional, knowledgeable, and thorough in the process of finding the right plan that can make a difference. After seeing Dr. Simms and following a specific diet with supplements that she suggested for a month, I feel that I have more energy, am less tired, and have improvement in my cough. I would like to focus more on preventative health care for long term good health. I am happy to have found someone as Dr. Simms help manage certain health issues that I may face.

– RW 

At the end of 2009, my health started deteriorating gradually to the point of not being able to do simple tasks like dish washing and taking a shower without crashing afterwards.

I felt tired for no reason, I had trouble getting up in the morning, even when I went to bed at a reasonable hour, I had difficulty bouncing back from stress or illness, I was feeling rundown or overwhelmed ,I felt more awake, alert and energetic after 6PM than the rest of the day, I had extreme cravings for sweets, hypoglycemia, adrenaline rushes and I can go on. After few failed attempts of self-medicating, in January 2013 I’ve realized that it’s time to seek professional help. I started to read about people having the same complaints as me that have been seen by as many as 10 conventional doctors and specialists unable to get a clear answer. They all explained that western medicine doesn’t acknowledge adrenal fatigue and conventional doctors are not trained to treat it.
Its been almost a year since I’ve started visiting Dr. Simms and, although I still have a long road ahead, I feel significantly better. In all this time, Dr. Simms has run a lot of tests and this is how I found out I have many imbalances I did not know about. It took years to get in this condition and I do not expect quick fixes.
Dr. Simms is extremely knowledgeable, professional and allowed me to be proactive.
I trust her completely and thank her from the bottom of my heart! I honestly have no complains and don’t see anything that needs improvement. If your health is less than excellent, please don’t make the mistakes (self-medicating and procrastinating) I’ve made and call Dr. Simms! You’ll be forever grateful!
– Claudia S.


I was very tired, bloated and depressed about my physical problems. I wanted to go to someone who would treat me with as much natural methods as possible without the side effects of drugs, surgery complications, etc. It is much better, Dr. Simms made several life-changing recommendations for me and I am happy to say that within 2 weeks I felt much better and had lost some weight. My depression also lifted and I feel I am much more myself now. Dr. Simms, went over and above what any other Doctor has done for me. Dr. Simms would be very prompt in answering my e-mails and also monitoring my dietary list every week! That shows she deeply cares about her patients!
– Sandy L.

My overall health was good ( blood pressure, cholesterol, etc..), but I was feeling run down, exhausted after 8 hours of sleep, and slightly “off.” I was also gaining weight with no real explanation for the weight gain since it was summer time, I was very active, and had pretty good eating habits. I decided to visit a ND because I was unhappy with the quality of traditional medical care I had been receiving. I found my primary physician to be disconnected and also very dismissive of any symptoms I shared with her. I did some research and found Dr. Simms’ information online. Although it took me awhile to schedule the initial appointment, I was very interested in her ideas on exploring all aspects of a person lifestyle to determine the root of the issue. I have been very happy with Dr. Simms and the quality of care I received. She listened!! And then we did test to verify my assumptions. Next we developed a protocol. I am experiencing a remarkable improvement in my overall health and wellness. I am extremely happy.
– Robin

I have struggled with bladder infection s since age 3 (I’m now 56), but they recently had become a chronic problem, requiring weekly trips to the doctor for antibiotics. I was also experiencing crumbling fingernails and acne. I was a mess!

Because I know it is not healthy to take antibiotics often, and that seemed to be all they knew to do to help me, I decided to seek an alternative health practitioner. I discovered Dr. Simms online, liked what I read about her, so made an appointment.

That was back in March. I was fighting off a bladder infection at the time, and she used homeopathy and the pain was gone within a couple of minutes. Through blood tests, she discovered that my thyroid needed to be increased, which helped my nails, what foods I had sensitivity to, which cured not only my acne, but bladder as well!

I went to her in crisis and in just a few weeks later, I was a new person! Since March, I have had bladder pain a couple of times, but her fabulous remedies stopped it within minutes! She always gives me a copy of her recommendations, which I refer to often as a reminder. DR. SIMMS IS VERY SPECIAL TO ME!

– Jan K.

I was diagnosed with diabetes approximately a year and a half prior to visiting Dr. Simms.  I eventually learned to manage diabetes without oral medications or insulin.  It was very difficult to find someone within the medical community to turn to for help during the process.

I was at a point where I needed help from a doctor that could understand my goals of managing the disease naturally.  After reading Dr. Simms’ bio, my interest was certainly peaked.   The initial questionnaire was the most in depth questionnaire I ever filled out for a doctor; which asked all of the right questions.    I was very pleased after our first consultation that Dr. Simms knew more about me than any of my previous doctors trying to help me manage diabetes for over one year.

Working with Dr. Simms, a naturopathic doctor, has been the most productive time I have spent with anyone in the medical community.  I have been treated as an individual not put into a disease category and treated as everyone else. I most definitely recommend care from a naturopathic doctor and certainly would recommend anyone to see Dr. Simms.

– Denise P.

Prior to seeing Dr. Simms, I was experiencing fatigue, restless leg syndrome, and extreme blood sugar level fluctuations.

I became a patient at the Wellness Center after hearing a lecture on general health and well being. I was introduced to Dr. Simms to have a nutritional evaluation and further studies.

The experience of having lab work that was specific for my symptoms was a start to my healing. I haven’t been given the teaching, guidance or factual information from any physician that Dr. Simms was able to provide. I learned why I felt the why I did and what I could do to change for the better. Currently I have greatly improved sleep, much more energy and less blood sugar fluctuation.

I was given tools to work with. There I times when I don’t use them and suffer the consequences, but I know what is wrong and what to alter in my diet to get back on track and feel good.

Dr. Simms is a healer that teaches and supports.

– P.M.

Had a great first meeting with Dr. Simms. I found her to be highly intelligent and compassionate, with deep medical knowledge and keen analytical skills. She gathered thorough information both in the application process and in an hour-long visit, where she typed copious notes, asked smart questions, and listened well. She also ordered very specific tests for me, which should help fill in pieces of the missing puzzle. When I looked up the tests later, I realized they were the exact right tests to order.

I really like her background in biomedical engineering, internship at the National Institutes of Health, and integrative medicine residency. But most importantly, she struck me as having a lot of drive, focus, and intellectual curiosity — along with a strong work ethic — which really distinguishes her from most doctors! Thus, she seems to epitomize medicine as both art and science, which to me, is medicine at its finest — uncovering the root cause of a problem, seeing the whole picture as well as the finer details, and analyzing complex things from multiple angles to arrive at an ideal treatment plan. I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Simms and now have hope and confidence that I will get well again.

– Lauren

Prior to my visit with Dr. Simms, I was experiencing fatigue and hormone problems. I sought her expertise to balance my hormones naturally. Since working with her, I have felt more energy and feel my hormones are improving. Dr. Simms has won my complete trust in sending me to a specialist when the problem was looking beyond naturopathic medicine. She considered everything and puts patients needs first. Her kind, compassionate nature puts me at ease.

– Elizabeth J.

Hello Doctor! I’ve completely turned things around in my life and am feeling a million times better. I’ve quit smoking, started eating plant-based and lots of KALE juice and even started hiking mountains. I had to focus on taking better care of my adrenals; and it worked, THANKS.

– M. B.

The state of my health prior to finding Dr. Simms was poor. My blood work verified that I definitely needed to address my weight and cholesterol.  I had back pain, was considered clinically obese, tired, and sluggish and depressed about my health with very little motivation to do yet another “diet.”  I made a decision not to subscribe to the usual, “point,” diet or the one that sells you their food.  (I had done the point diet 3 previous times and the food purchase diet twice).  I looked at this process as a diet, not a lifestyle.

I did a lot of research and found that a naturopathic doctor would be the best option to explore. Dr. Simms came with outstanding credentials and I called to set up an appointment for an opportunity to make healthy changes.  I knew I needed help and could not do this on my own.

My decision to see a naturopathic doctor came due to the fact that the other diets were just that – another diet. With both my husband and I needing to address cholesterol and weight issues, I decided to “learn,” how to live a new lifestyle, rather, than engage in a diet.

Dr. Simms’s credentials were exactly what I was looking for in a naturopathic doctor.    I believe with her training in Integrative naturopathic medicine combined with conventional wisdom and nutritional expertise, this would shed light for me to look at my health in a very different way.    After years of cooking comfort foods, and enjoying the cooking process as well as the eating process, I would need to break and address a lot of habits!

My health is improving and we have made the transition of fast food junkies and poor choices (White breads, rice, pasta, potatoes) to eating healthy choices – good protein, fruit, and vegetables on a proportionate plate!  With a newer outlook to my food choices, I have lost weight and inches, go to the gym on a regular basis and look at my shopping cart with healthier food in it!  My husband has lost 11 lbs. in two months, mine is a little less however, I have returned to the gym to incorporate exercise, both cardio and weights for external as well as internal results.  As my metabolism has always been slow to catch on, I am happy that after two months, I have lost 2 ½ inches and have energy to keep this up.  (This is where I fail at other diets).  I am anxious to see my blood results in the upcoming future since we have truly cut out fast foods, and junk!

The biggest habit to break is not calling this a diet….it is truly a lifestyle.

Hiring a naturopathic doctor was a treat to me and my health.  I needed a personal coach who talks to me, not the crowd in the room for my personal understanding of my body and health needs.  I am very pleased to have this coach, guide me and keep me on track to make this work.

– DBJohnson

I came to Dr. Simms after doing extensive research into my general gastrointestinal distress.  I hadn’t gotten anywhere after years of pursuing the traditional channels.  So I read everything I could find on getting to the root of the issue and finding solutions.  I then looked for practitioners in the area and all roads led to Dr. Simms.  She listened extensively to my symptoms and had me undergo several test that traditionally never wouldn’t have been considered.  The results gave me insight that I haven’t had in 20 years of searching.  Then we developed a specific protocol with precise action items to solve the issues once and for all.  I am improving and headed towards answers and recovery.  I would highly recommend Dr. Simms if you want not only specific answers to your questions but concrete solutions that you have not been able to find.

– Bob B.